Beach Towels​

We produce microfiber beach towels and have supplied them to wholesalers in Italy and Spain for years.  Ready goods and custom design are supported.

  • Sand-free: Mirco fiber woven fabric
  • Custom size and weight: According to your needs and can be any size
  • Multipurpose Towel: Beach towels for adults offer versatile solutions to simplify your life. With quick water absorption and fast drying capabilities, these towels are perfect for camping. They can be utilized as a sarong, pareo, yoga towel, picnic blanket, throw blanket, pool towel, or bath sheet—providing endless possibilities!
  • Unique design: We support custom design and we have catalogs for your reference.
beach towels fabric


  • Microfiber and sand-free
  • 100% polyester, or a mixture of polyester and nylon. Touches like cotton.
  • Super Absorbent & Keep Warm

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