Before we started making clothes, we used to make and supply different types of synthetic woven fabrics. We are highly skilled in producing woven fabrics made from synthetic materials, primarily using polyester and spandex as the main ingredients.

We can provide fabrics with various weights and different widths, suitable for the production of swim trunks, beach towels, wetsuits, yoga pants, windbreakers, and various other clothing items.

woven fabric

Common Fabric

Peach Skin Fabric

Micro peach fabric is a thin brushed fabric made from ultra-fine synthetic fibers. The fabric surface is covered with exceptionally short and delicate fine fuzz. It has functions such as moisture absorption, breathability, and waterproofing, along with a silk-like appearance and style. The fabric is soft, glossy, and has a smooth feel.

  • Usage: Swim trunks, clothing (jackets, dresses, etc.) fabric, can also be used for luggage, shoes and hats, and furniture decoration

Polyester Pongee

  • Usage: Lining materials for suits, jackets, blazers, children’s clothing, and professional attire. The Thicken version can used for down jackets, casual jackets, children’s clothing, etc., and can be made with waterproof coated fabrics for waterproof clothing, umbrellas, raincoats, and sunshades.

4-Way Stretch Fabric

  • Usage: Apparel  

Polyester Taffeta

  • Usage: Commonly used as lining.

Nylon Taffeta

Coated nylon fabric provides windproof and waterproof features while also ensuring resistance to down penetration.

  • Usage: Clothing fabric, ski jackets, raincoats, sleeping bags, and mountaineering clothing.


  • Usage: Jackets, clothing fabrics, bags


  • Usage: Mainly used in luggage

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