What is Woven Fabric

what is a woven fabric


Woven fabric refers to a type of fabric made through the process of weaving on a loom. Simply put, we refer to any fabric made using this weaving method as woven fabric. Common materials include cotton, polyester, and more.
In contrast to woven fabric, there is also knitted fabric. These two types of fabrics are the most commonly used in the field of clothing textiles, each with its unique characteristics.

What is Woven Fabric

The main feature of woven fabric is the distinction between warp and weft. A loom using a shuttle makes woven mesh fabric. It involves weaving warp and weft yarns together, with warp going up and weft going across.
In woven textiles, the shuttle moves the weft yarn between the warp yarns, creating a fabric with selvages on both sides. Whether in the form of raw fabric or finished products, woven textiles are generally flat. In contrast, knitted fabric often starts as a cylindrical shape, becoming flat only after undergoing stretching and setting processes.
The clothing industry primarily utilizes woven cloth, which is suitable for producing trousers, shirts, and T-shirts. The cost of woven cloth depends on its composition, with cotton being pricier than synthetic materials.
woven vs knitted fabric
woven vs knitted fabric

Woven Fabric Pros

  1. Shape Stability: Woven fabric, created by interlacing warp and weft, exhibits excellent shape stability. The fabric maintains its form well, even after stretching or friction, minimizing deformation.
  2. Smooth Surface: Woven fabrics have a smooth surface and a crisp appearance. Printing or embossing techniques can treat them to enhance their visual appeal.
  3. Durability in Washing: Woven fabrics are durable and resistant to deformation after washing. They are less prone to shrinkage, ensuring longevity and maintaining their original shape.
  4. Versatility in Design: Woven fabrics can be designed in different ways, like printing and jacquard weaving, for creative and decorative uses.

Woven Fabric Cons

  1. Stiff Appearance: Woven fabrics may appear somewhat rigid overall, lacking the natural stretch and flexibility found in some other types of fabrics.
  2. Limited Inherent Stretch: The inherent stretch of woven fabrics is generally modest. To enhance flexibility, the weaving process incorporates spandex or elastane into the fabric.

Is Woven Fabric Stretchy

Woven textiles inherently exhibit less stretchy compared to knitted fabrics because of the principles of the manufacturing process. The weaving technique employed in the production of woven textiles dictates this characteristic. The weaving pattern of woven textiles results in a relatively tight and structured construction, limiting the overall fabric’s stretchability.
Knitted fabrics make warm and comfy clothes like sweaters, cozy T-shirts, sportswear, and stylish knitwear. Their inherent stretchiness and comfort make them popular choices for casual and athletic apparel.
People often use woven fabrics to make structured clothes like polished shirts, elegant suits, warm jackets, and denim jeans. These fabrics are tightly woven, giving clothes a neat and strong appearance. They are suitable for both formal and casual wear.

How to test whether it’s knitted or woven

You can use stretching as a test to determine whether a fabric is knit or woven. A knitted fabric can stretch easily across its width and slightly less along its length. If you stretch it excessively, it may also damage or lose its shape. A woven fabric offers minimal stretch across its width and slightly more stretch along its length.
Give your fabric the wrinkle test: Grab a small piece and ball it up in your hand. If it bounces back without many creases, it probably indicates that it is knit. If the wrinkles remain, it’s probably woven. Easy, right?
woven fabric sample
woven fabric sample
knitted fabric sample
knitted fabric sample

Woven Fabric vs Knitted Fabric:

Abrasion ResistanceKnitted < Woven
ElasticityKnitted > Woven
ComfortKnitted > Woven
InsulationKnitted > Woven
BreathabilityKnitted > Woven
Tear StrengthKnitted > Woven
Anti-PillingKnitted < Woven
Dimensional StabilityKnitted < Woven

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