Can You Wear Swim Trunks as Shorts

Can you wear swim trunks as shorts


Wearing swim trunks as shorts is pretty common, especially in hot weather.
The fabric used for swim trunks, usually polyester and spandex, is trendy in today’s clothing. The GSM of the fabric typically ranges from 90 to 130, and its thicker version is now a common choice for leggings and sports shirts. You can check this page to know what GSM mean in fabric.
So, you can think of swim trunks as loose and lightweight shorts. Wearing them out on the street is perfectly normal. Soft swim trunks can even double as comfy sleep shorts.
By the way, swim trunks are designed with a built-in mesh, as we’ve discussed earlier in this post. This explains why it’s common to go commando in swim trunks. If that’s not your vibe, just snip off the netting, and voila – you’ve got yourself a pair of shorts.

Top Pairing Tips for daily swim trunks outfits

For everyday wear with swim trunks, unlike at the beach where you can go without a top, it’s generally advisable to pair them with one. Swim trunks go well with short-sleeved T-shirts, and you can layer a short-sleeved jacket over the T-shirt for added style.
Additionally, pairing swim trunks with a casual button-down shirt works well too. When combining tops with swim trunks, keep in mind that if the trunks themselves have a vibrant pattern, it’s best to opt for a more subdued top. Choose shirts and T-shirts with shorter sleeves for a comfortable and stylish look.

Can you wear shorts as swim trunks

No, swim trunks are specifically designed with quick-drying and waterproof fabric. Regular shorts lack these features and can become uncomfortable when wet.

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