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Could you believe that a factory has focused solely on swim trunks as its only product and has been operating for over 10 years with more than 150 employees? That’s us.
We take pride in crafting top-notch swim trunks made from high-quality. For years, we’ve been a trusted supplier for wholesalers, brand owners, and e-commerce sellers all over world. Whether you’re looking for ready-made options or want a custom order, we’ve got you covered with a low MOQ of just 100 pcs.
Our expertise extends beyond apparel to fabrics — we can develop and source a variety of materials. Over more than ten years of product development, we have carefully listened to feedback from our customers and continuously acquired new equipment to improve our production processes. Year after year of effort has enabled us to better meet the needs of each customer.
Swim trunks, the preferred choice of swimwear enthusiasts, deliver a perfect blend of comfort, stylish prints, and practical features for your ultimate aquatic experience. We’re committed to staying at the forefront of this field, serving numerous satisfied clients along the way. Explore our collection and dive into a world of quality and style.
swim trunks

Swim Trunks Manufacturer Offers Quality

We offer both ready goods and custom designs. 

Swim trunks have some continuously popular basic styles, and we maintain a long-term inventory of these shorts. Every year, we also introduce new styles and ensure sufficient stock. You can initiate an inquiry with us, and we will send you a catalog of our available stock. Welcome to make a purchase!

For those who require customization, it’s another significant aspect. We provide the most professional service for our custom clients.

Custom Tutorial

1. Provide your pattern and pictures, and review our mock-up. Alternatively, choose designs from our collection.

2. Select length of swim trunks

3. Select Fabric

Here are the common fabric of swim trunks:

  • Peach Skin Fabric. 100% Polyester, GSM 105 g/㎡. Affordable price, firm feel.
  • 4-Way Stretch Fabric. 92% Polyester 8% Spandex, GSM 130 g/㎡. Soft, comfortable, and smooth.
  • 75D/150D Memory Like Fabric. 100% Polyester, GSM 140 g/㎡. Thick feel, a nice shape.
  • 400T/800T Polyester fabric. 100% polyester, GSM 140 g/㎡. Better drape, more stiffness.
  • Other fabrics are also acceptable. If you have samples, we can create an exact match

If you are unsure about the feel of the fabric, please don’t hesitate to contact us for real samples. We highly recommend requesting a sample before placing a bulk order.

4. Confirm details

5. Check everything and wait for production

We will provide a tech pack for your design. Once everything is confirmed, we will schedule your order in the production plan and ensure a smooth delivery to you.

tech pack example
tech pack example


The fabric of swim trunks is mainly made of polyester, spandex, and other similar fibers. They are normally waterproof, quick-dry, and comfortable to wear. This blog has explained the features of swim trunks.

The GSM represents the thickness of the fabric. It varies based on individual preferences. Thinner fabrics are generally lighter and more breathable, while thicker fabrics provide a more structured look. We offer customized options to tailor the fabric according to customer preferences.

Regarding fabric colors: We offer color swatches for you to choose from our ready-made colors. For large orders, our professional dyeing process allows us to customize and match specific colors according to your requirements and dye them onto the fabric.

If you are not familiar with those fabrics, you can contact us to get a free fabric sample.

color swatch example
color swatch example

Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ)

Considering the production line requirements, we set a minimum order quantity(MOQ).

If you want to customize your design, our MOQ is 100 pcs per design. With this quantity, we can not only custom your shorts, but also custom your label, logo, and packing bags.

If you plan to order from our ready goods, the MOQ will be 1 carton, which is normally 300 pcs for board shorts and 360 pcs for swim trunks. Because our warehouse is stocked with products packaged in cartons.

our warehouse
our warehouse

Why Us?

We’re a top swim trunks manufacturer in China, and our products have special advantages. These include:

  • Skilled team and workers: We only manufacture a very limited range of products, allowing our workers to focus on one or two processes and excel in them. Every aspect of our products has been refined to a high degree of precision, placing us at the forefront within China. We can handle complex custom orders from big brands, and our clients include overseas wholesalers and major brands.
  •  Access to fabric: Our team has a very long experience in fabric production and we are an actual fabric exporter before this manufacturer. We have cooperated with fabric factories in Shengze town, which is the largest fabric production center in China. We are well-versed in fabrics like polyester and nylon, and can replicate any fabric available in the market. We offer comprehensive customization solutions to meet any specific needs.
  • Price: Our price is lower than our peers in China. Our fabrics are made by ourselves, and all processes are carried out in our own factory. Moreover, we operate as direct exporters, eliminating the need for middlemen. This ensures streamlined communication, cost-effectiveness, and greater control over the entire production and export process.
  • Full solution: We provide a complete solution for your products, covering everything from garment care labels and hangtags to product packaging, as well as post-production services such as photography. We’ve got you covered at every step.


This is a catalog example for your reference to know our style. Please feel free to contact us to get latest catalog.

Pattern Collections

We have many patterns for your reference. If you have no idea about the pattern printed on shorts, please check our files!

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