What Waist Size is Large in Men’s Swim Trunk

What Waist Size is Large in Men's Swim Trunk


What Waist Size is Large in Men’s Swim Trunk


The waist of swim trunks in Large size is 80-88 cm(32-34 inches). It can vary by brand and region, in Asia the size is smaller, but it generally falls into this range.
The hip of swim trunks in large size is 114-122 cm(46-48 inches).
Compared to other types of pants, swim trunks tend to have less restrictive waist sizing—this is because most swim trunks come with an elastic waistband, which allows for greater comfort and better adaptability for swimming. If you’re concerned about sizing, opting for a larger size is generally the better choice.

Here are some examples of hot selling swim trunks brands:

In tucann, their waist of size L is 32″-34″.

Tuccan Swim Trunks Size Chart
Swim Trunks Size Chart Example

In maamgic, which is a top seller of swim trunks on Amazon, they take 34″ as the length of the waist in size L.

Maamgic Size Chart Example
Swim Trunks Size Chart Reference

Size Chart Illustration

swim trunks size chart illustraion
swim trunks size chart illustration
  1. Waist: This measurement is the circumference of the swim trunks at the waistband. It is usually given in inches and can often be adjusted with a drawstring for a more precise fit.

  2. Hips: This measures the width of the swim trunks at the widest part of the hip area. It’s important for ensuring enough room for comfort and movement.

  3. Front Rise: This is the distance from the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband in the front. It affects how high the trunks sit on your waist.

  4. Back Rise: Similar to the front rise, this is the distance from the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband at the back. This measurement ensures that the swim trunks fit well and provide coverage in the back.

  5. Overall Length: This is the total length of the swim trunks from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the leg hem. It determines how long the trunks are, which can vary from style to style.

  6. Leg Length: This is the length of the swim trunk leg from the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg hem. It determines how far down the thigh the trunks will sit.

Size Chart in Our Experience

With more than 10 years of making clothes, we use a special size chart for our customers in the US and Europe. But in Asia, the sizes are usually smaller. So a size L here is often an XL in Asia. Among these, the waist part is also equipped with an elastic band and a drawstring. 


As a clothing factory, we can tailor the size chart to meet our customers’ needs. For example, we offer specially customized larger sizes for big guys. Moreover, some customers prefer a better crochet, so they ask us to increase both the front rise and back rise to achieve a larger crochet.


The table for 2″ inseam swim trunks is provided for your reference.

Front Rise
Back Rise
S72-76 / 28-29106-110 /42-4331 / 12.236 / 14.264 / 25.2 5 / 237.5 / 14.8
M76-80 / 30-31110-114 / 44-4532 / 12.637 / 14.666 / 26.0 5 / 238 / 15.0
L80-84 / 32-33114-118 / 46-4733 / 13.038 / 15.068 / 26.8 5 / 238.5 / 15.2
XL84-88 / 34-35118-122 / 48-4934 / 13.439 / 15.470 / 27.6 5 / 239 / 15.4
2XL88-92 / 36-37122-126 / 50-5135 / 13.840 / 15.872 / 28.2 5 / 240 / 15.8
This size chart is provided for your reference and is applicable to most countries. The length of the shorts will be approximately halfway down the thigh.
We can customize the size according to your needs.

Elastic Waistband in Swim Trunk


Also, swim trunks commonly feature elastic waistbands to accommodate different body shapes and ensure additional comfort and flexibility. Elastic waistbands can typically stretch about 10-15 centimeters (approximately 4-6 inches), allowing for a range of waist sizes while ensuring optimal comfort.
This design allows swim trunks to adapt to an individual’s waist size fluctuations over time and provides necessary support during activities, ensuring that the trunks stay securely in place while swimming or moving. The ability of the elastic waistband to stretch is crucial for choosing swim trunks that fit well, even when purchasing online, as it significantly reduces the risk of choosing the wrong size. Thus, considering the stretchability of the elastic waistband is important when selecting swim trunks to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

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