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Swim trunks are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. You can see people wearing various styles of swim trunks on the beach, by the pool, and even on the streets. Designed for both comfort and style, swim trunks have become a staple for anyone seeking a perfect blend of functionality and fashion in aquatic settings. These shorts, specifically crafted for water activities, offer a balance between practicality and aesthetic appeal, embodying the essence of a leisurely and active lifestyle.
As a wholesaler or designer embarking on the journey to launch a swim trunk business, the quest for a reliable supplier can be challenging. This article aims to guide you in navigating this challenge, offering recommendations for ten reputable suppliers. Whether you’re seeking quality, variety, or reliable delivery, our curated list is designed to assist you in establishing a successful partnership for your swim trunk venture.

JinsApparel: The Best Custom Swim Trunks Manufacturer

Jins’ Apparel is an experienced apparel manufacturer specializing in swim trunks, beach towels, and fabric. With extensive experience collaborating with wholesalers, supermarkets, and brands, this custom manufacturer delivers top-notch products and services at highly competitive prices.
In addition to an extensive range of ready-made designs and styles, Jin’s Apparel offers the flexibility of custom orders. They are highly accommodating to bespoke requests, accepting small minimum order quantities for custom-designed orders.
Swim trunks are a product with which Jin’s Apparel is exceptionally familiar. They have been manufacturing this product for many years, catering to various wholesalers. Their clientele includes major corporations like Disney, and they also maintain long-standing and robust collaborations with some European companies.
  • Rich experience in swim trunks, and skilled workers
  • Offer custom options for accessories like label embroidery, sewing, and cuts
  • Highly knowledgeable about fabrics, they can customize a variety of intricate materials
  • Being based in China, on-site visits to the factory can be somewhat challenging

Fit Fever: Lead Clothing Manufacturer

Welcome to Fit Fever, where swimwear excellence is delivered by a team that specializes in top-notch swim trunks. At Fit Fever, they are known for their dedication to crafting quality products and providing exceptional service. Their team of specialists ensures that each pair of swim trunks is meticulously crafted for comfort and style, setting a high standard in the industry.
Known for exceeding expectations, Fit Fever guarantees durability and a hassle-free experience. With quick communication and efficient processing, they become your trusted partner in the world of swimwear. Discover simplicity and style with Fit Fever – where they bring the best in swimwear craftsmanship.
  • Friendly communication
  • Nice quality
  • custom service
  • Limited selection of products

Siatex: Bangladesh’s Leading Clothing Supplier

Siatex is a leading clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh, where an increasing number of clothing factories are relocating. As a global supplier with a robust network in Bangladesh, they produce a wide range of products for men, women, and children, including t-shirts, sweaters, polo t-shirts, athleisure, shirts, trousers, shorts, skirts, and various other clothing items. The diligent merchandising team collaborates closely with clients throughout the entire sampling process, ensuring a seamless journey from the initial stages to the final shipment of the finished product.
  • Nice price
  • A big catalog with many products
  • Many years of experience
  • Quality levels can vary

ISEA Diving: Wetsuit Manufacturer & Supplier

ISEA is a clothing factory located in China with 26 years of manufacturing experience. They specialize in producing various types of swimwear, including swim trunks.
They excel in understanding customer needs and providing specialized solutions. Whether it’s clothing for men, women, or kids, you can find apparel solutions at their facility.
  • Focus on sustainable material and fabric
  • Long experience in clothing
  • Lots of custom services
  • Delivery time cannot be guaranteed

Yolcol: On-Demand Printing & Dropshipping Platform

Yolcol is a highly active print-on-demand platform. You can DIY your designs on the platform, including swim trunks. Simply place your design on their customization page, and within a few days, you’ll receive the real product!
This platform is incredibly friendly for e-commerce professionals. You can swiftly bring your samples to life and test their market response. However, it’s worth noting that this type of Print-on-Demand (POD) involves heat transferring the design onto pre-made pants, so the final result may not match the quality of directly printed fabric. Nevertheless, their quality remains reliable.
  • Extensive range of products
  • Suitable for small orders with fast sampling, and the design process is innovative
  • If the order quantity is not large, it is more cost-effective
  • The quality is inconsistent
  • Price increases significantly for larger orders

Thai Son S.P Sewing Factory: Clothing Manufacturer in Vietnam

Thai Son is a clothing manufacturer located in Saigon, Vietnam, specializing in fabric and trim sourcing and development. Their factory collaborates with major clients in Europe and the United States, and they have a dedicated Quality Assurance department to ensure the high standard of their products.
In recent years, the garment industry in Vietnam has experienced significant growth, with Thai Son emerging as a standout among them.
  • Good at fabric sourcing
  • Relatively cheap price
  • A family-owned company
  • MOQ is high
  • Long lead time

BaliSwim: Swimsuits, Swimwear & Bikini Factory in Indonesia

Bali Swim is a top choice for low-minimum swimwear manufacturing in Indonesia, serving startups and established brands. They are transforming swimwear manufacturing with their innovative approach, offering the lowest minimum orders worldwide (100) and the fastest sample turnaround times.
At Bali Swim, they excel in women’s swimwear, demonstrating a wide range of expertise. Yet, their product offerings go beyond swimwear, complementing collections or standing independently as brands.
  • Beautiful designs and ready products
  • Friendly service to help build a clothing line
  • Many options for men and women alike
  • The unit price is high
  • Delivery time is unstable


In general, finding a suitable supplier is a highly rewarding accomplishment. Here, we also provide an article to help you navigate efficient communication with clothing factories and avoid potential pitfalls in the process.

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