What is GSM in Fabric

what is gsm in fabric


GSM represents Grams per Square Meter, and its corresponding unit is g/㎡. GSM is super important in textiles and commonly used in both knitted and woven fabrics.

GSM directly represents the thickness of the fabric and also reflects the quality of the fabric. Higher GSM means thicker fabric, harder feel, stylish clothes, and higher cost.

How GSM Affects Fabric

GSM directly affects the thickness, texture, breathability, warmth, and applicable occasions of the fabric. Low GSM fabrics are light, thin, and breathable, good for summer or sportswear. High GSM fabrics are thick, warm, and suitable for winter or outerwear.
Take t-shirts as an example:
light t shirts110-170Thin, breathable, flexible
normal180-220Moderate thickness and firm shape
heavy T-shirt230-300Thick, textured, but not breathable
Therefore, higher GSM doesn’t simply mean better quality. It mainly depends on your own needs and the usage of your clothing. Please understand GSM when ordering clothes because this is almost the most important attribute of the fabric, and it can largely represent the quality of the fabric.
Since knitted fabrics are woven in a looping manner, the texture of the fabric is difficult to describe in terms of yarn count, tightness, etc. Only GSM is the easiest and most reasonable standard.


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