What to Wear Under Board Shorts

What to Wear Under Board Shorts


The designers thoughtfully design board shorts to provide exceptional comfort, making them ideal for both swimming and surfing. Their design makes them popular for water activities by providing a comfortable fit and enhancing the overall experience.
The answer to these questions primarily depends on whether your board shorts have netting. If they don’t, you can wear swim underwear; if they do, you can go without anything underneath. The purpose of the netting is similar to that of swim trunks, and you can refer to this post for a more detailed explanation.
Many board shorts come with a netting inside that’s pretty noticeable. This netting is super important for making board shorts work better in the water. It keeps you safe, stops sand from getting in, and helps water flow out quickly. So, it’s not just there for show!
The main idea behind board shorts is to make things easy – you don’t need to wear extra underwear with them. That’s because the netting inside does the job. Like a built-in layer, it keeps you comfy and protected. Knowing this, you can choose what feels right for you underneath, making sure you have a great time in and around the water.
Wearing underwear under board shorts may keep them wet for a bit after swimming. Board shorts dry quickly since they’re made from fast-drying polyester, as we mentioned. Underwear, however, doesn’t dry as fast, which might make you uncomfortable.
Wet underwear could also create a place for bacteria to grow, potentially causing health issues. So, picking the right thing to wear under your board shorts not only affects your comfort but also helps maintain cleanliness and health during water activities.
What you wear or whether you choose to wear underwear under board shorts is entirely up to you. Generally, if you find that your board shorts have a liner, you can go without underwear. If there’s no liner inside, you still have the option to either go commando or wear underwear.

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