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peach skin fabric


What is Peach Skin Fabric

Peach skin fabric, also known as micro peach fabric, is a synthetic fabric developed after artificial suede products. It is a thin sanding and raised fabric woven from ultra-fine synthetic fibers. The fabric has a soft and dense layer of short fibers on its surface. It feels and looks like touching a peach.
The fabric is treated to have a soft texture similar to a peach. It is brushed and dyed to achieve this effect.
The fabric has many short fibers, each measuring approximately 0.2 millimeters in length. This imparts a novel and elegant appearance along with a comfortable feel, gaining favor among people. Hence, this type of fabric is called Peach Skin Fabric.
According to the different raw materials, there are polyester micro peach fabric and polyester-nylon micro peach fabric.
The weave categorizes it as plain peach skin fabric, twill peach skin fabric, and satin peach skin fabric.

What are the features of Peach Skin Fabric?

The color of the fabric is soft and natural, with a texture and appearance resembling peach skin. The fine, uniform, and dense pile gives the fabric a subtle and velvety feel. You can feel this pile, even though it seems almost invisible. When exposed to light, it diffuses in multiple directions, creating a gentle effect.
Peach skin fabric resists water because it consists of polyester, so it does not easily absorb water. To achieve complete waterproofing, we apply an additional coating to the surface of the fabric in the case of swim trunks.
This video shows how waterproof the fabric is.
However, it’s important to note that micro peach fabric tends to crease easily. If your clothing requires frequent use, be cautious about this issue during usage.

What’s the usage of Peach Skin Fabric


People often use peach skin fabric to make swim trunks, jackets, children’s clothes, dresses, bed sheets, mattresses, and pillows.
For swim trunks, the commonly seen micro peach fabric in the market is usually 25D with a GSM of around 90-100. And for the fabric used in the production of our swim trunks, we use 32D with a GSM of 105.

Is Peach Skin Fabric Stretchy?

No. The micro peach fabric is less elastic.
This is because peach skin fabric is a woven material, and due to the nature of the weaving process, woven fabrics inherently lack the elasticity found in knitted fabrics. In this article, we have explained why the woven fabric is not elastic. Additionally, the fibers used in the production of peach skin fabric typically do not possess high elasticity. Therefore, micro peach fabric fabric has only minimal stretch.

How to Clean Peach Skin Fabric

Peach skin fabric is a practical material that is not easily damaged during use. If it becomes soiled, you can wash it with clean water and laundry detergent, then place it in a cool, shaded area to air dry.

Keep away from Oil

If we talk about what this type of fabric is most afraid of, the answer is likely clear: oil stains. Oil stains can be highly damaging to peach skin fabric. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid wearing this type of clothing in environments with heavy oil exposure, such as kitchens.
To remove oil stains from your clothes, gently dab the stain with a cotton cloth soaked in soapy water. This method works well if you happen to get oil stains on your clothes while eating or at a gathering. Afterward, use a dry cotton cloth to absorb the oil stain. Avoid wiping the stain directly as it may spread the oil; oil doesn’t dissolve in water, as most people are likely aware.

Peach Skin Fabric in swim trunks


“Peach skin fabric” is a highly popular material for swim trunks. The fabric used in beach shorts is typically made of 100% polyester, with a GSM (grams per square meter) ranging from 90 to 100. The polyester fiber used in this fabric is commonly 25D in dimension.

It is valued for its affordability, comfortable wear, and waterproof properties, making it an excellent choice for crafting beach shorts. Wholesalers have a special preference for this fabric because it is extremely affordable.

Beachgoers often find swim trunks made from this fabric readily available at beachside locations. In Europe, tourists can easily purchase pants made from this material at small shops by the beach. They wear these pants for a delightful beach holiday and often discard them afterward.

The Peach Skin Fabric commonly used in our factory is an optimized and upgraded version. It has a GSM of 105, and the polyester fiber has a dimension of 32D. The Free On Board (FOB) price for this fabric will not exceed 2.5 USD. 


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